The primary command syntax replaces that legacy command syntax and as such support for legacy commands will discontinue in the near future. The interface may stop responding a few seconds. Default is to inform the OS. Use noscan to bypass informing the OS of this change. The verify mode has two settings:

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Any newly found unit s or drive s will be listed. 80000, the extended drive statistics refers to statistics of a drive’s read commands, write commands, write commands with FUA Force Unit Accessflush commands, and a drive sectors’s read, write, and write commands with FUA. This command allows you to set the Auto-Carving policy to be on or off.

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For other series controllers that do not support Basic Verify, autoverify is set to OFF by default for the new unit. The port that is correlated to the slot is indicated in the next column. Users can use this name in conjunction with the unit serial number which created at the unit creation time to cross reference with the unit.

Upon drive hot-plug, that is, not on power-on or reset, the default 800 of the system is automatic detection of the drives and immediate spin-up. This command registers a new background selftest task to the schedule, for executed on day of ddd where ddd is Segies, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, and Satat hour of hh range If autocarve has been set to ON, then the sizes of the volumes for that unit are set to the specifed carve-size or the default.


This command allows you to set a controller based write cache policy. Asynchronous events or AENs Asynchronous Event Notifications of the controller, also seriees as ‘controller alarms’, are originated by firmware and captured by their respective device drivers.

This feature only applies to models.

Connections consist of vports and phys. That is, starting with the object, followed by the command, followed by ‘?

If 3wars policy is on, all newly created or migrated units larger than carvesize will be automatically carved into multiples of carvesize volumes and 1 remainder volume. The value must be a positive integer between 0 and 60 seconds. This command provides specific show related help, illustrating various ways to use the show command.

This command presents a summary report on the specified phy. For the spare unit, drive queueing is not meaningful and the qpolicy cannot be set. This command reports the voltage status of the battery. Moreover, it show rebuild status in percent when the array is rebuilding and it’s easily parsable because 3Ware filled the not relevant columns with a dash instead of leting them empty.

In this scenario, the data fields that contains the overflow 88000 marked with ‘ ‘, as in the following example:. The Schedule contains a default set of verify timeslots defined, 3wrae specifying the verify timeslots is not necessary if the defaults are suitable.

Additional attributes about controllers, units, ports and disks can be obtained by querying for them directly. This command reports the identify status of the specified unit within an enclosure.


3Ware Eskalad series

Following the table is an important note, which is then followed by examples and usage of the commands. This is because the drive is identified with only one vport handle. In the unit summary of the “older” controllers, this column shows the state ON or OFF of the write cache only. The following table illustrates the supported and applicable stripes on unit types and controller models.

The default thus effectively clears both the running average statistics and histogram data. This command reports 1 the SATA link speed supported by the drive associated with the specified port and 2 the actual link speed that the specified port is set to.

The stripe size, the usable capacity in gigabytes, the cache setting, and the autoverify setting are also listed. This command reports the identify status of the specified port within an enclosure. If read cache Intelligent is enabled, the features in the Basic seeies are also enabled.

For the new syntax, this command is not very useful, since the controller that the enclosure is attached to is known and is part of the input command.