It is very clear and bright with no dead pixels. Customers who have to get individuals or information regarding Acer products. Battery life has been quite impressive without being outstanding. This notebook has indeed lived up to my expectations. Can i upgrade my Acer extensa graphics card? Anyone dealing with currencies and spreadsheets would find this to be really useful. I have not installed any games on this machine, but I would imagine that the X graphics card should be capable enough to handle quite a few games at medium to low settings.

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Acer Extensa 4420 Driver Download

Hard drive protection located at the bottom. Do you already have an account?

However, if located on a desk or table, with proper ventilation, heat is minimal, and the fan is not required at all. Similar Threads – upgrade Acer extensa. Acer Extensa Driver Download. Watching movies is generally an enjoyable experience. To install the next driver. The wireless card Broadcom I do notice, however, that there is a large space between the keys and the edge of the keyboard.

Can i upgrade my Acer extensa graphics card? | NotebookReview

It has been able to hold a consistently strong signal. This cache is known as the L1 and L2 cache. Vista Windows Experience Index: Acer Extensa features two on-board data cache to transfer information to and from the processor.


This notebook has two speakers located at the front, and angled downwards. Battery life has cars quite impressive without being outstanding. Under Power Saver mode, the notebook averages almost 2 hours with a few open programs and wireless running.

Backlighting appears to be even and I cannot notice any light leaks anywhere on the screen. Bobbert9 Dec 28, at 7: I would like to know what can i do to use extejsa laptop for gaming.

I purchased this notebook from Best Buy when they were running a special for this notebook. In my opinion, this machine offers tremendous value for money, especially in these difficult economic times. Fahim Rahman Dec 12, After completion usually ask the computer or laptop at the restart. Aced can I upgrade my Acer TZ? I wanted to change out the graphics card or something so i can play but i wanted to get some ideas or thoughts on it from here first AKA: Some people may find these software programs to be useless, or may prefer to use some other programs, and thus may consider this software suite to be bloatware.


The single fan that is provided, is located at the bottom, near the back right corner of the notebook.

Acer Aspire 5 AGV6 upgrades? Download the drivers you need in ” Download ” Tab.

Often, your operating system can not be appropriate for old individuals for laptop Acer Extensa Refer to the picture below for more details. Having never worked extensively with an AMD based machine before, I was quite apprehensive about the performance of the Acer.

Acer Extensa Driver Download | Support Acer

Office Depot also recently sold a variant of this notebook at the same price. I anticipate strong sales for this notebook during the upcoming holiday season.

Log in or Sign up. The machines comes with 2GB of RAM, and although this is sufficient, it might be a good idea to upgrade to 3GB, since the graphics card borrows up to MB of memory, and could bog down the system, especially when running CPU-intensive applications.