Have you ensured you have met all requirements and have made certain you are using a good varified version of MM? Play the actual console if you need entertainment. Wenbobular Smash Hero Feb 17, A and B are the main blue and green buttons. This is an OpenGL plugin by Icepir8. I have also included an updated version of the z

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Press the small square button to the right of the control. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

We all love the N64 dearly, that’s all. I hope this makes sense if not please contact me on emuline. I’ve downloaded this several times on different pc’s and your patch rocks it. Thus for convenience they were always distributed with Project64 araptoid as an additive if you had it installed already.

Adaptoid Plugin v – Project64 –

Fernando I tried changing the n64 controller buttons and my c-down doesnt work some how i calibrated it and tried it with different controllers i dont know whats wrong if its the project 64 1. Or have those issues already been taken care of with any of the 1. Did a clean installation of Windows, Project64 1. Hey, we get it.


Please consider fixing this small bug. Can’t remember if the flickering went gone with the pluign. The configuration is very similar to the Direct64 plugin. Also I believe it would be really cool to see the project 64 move its way to the PS2. Yoshistar95 88 Same happened to me, but it was on a virtual computer and I use a real one.

Would be nice to know what other things you do etc. The best and latest versions of N64 plugins are not usually easy to locate, which is the reason I have created the plugins pack. This is a quote from the Project64 user manual: When the guys with the spears come, I can’t look to where they came from or else the game freezes.

They’re just general software religiots that make programming a religion. Simply copy them to an emulator’s ” Plugin ” folder. Adapptoid down to the Jabo’s Plugins from Project64 section for some simple instructions on how to gather them up.

n64/psx adaptoid problem

The crash freezes windows and my screen goes black. Wenbobular Smash Hero Feb 17, I downloaded the Project 64 1. Rene Thank you jabosoft some other website won’t let me download and now jabosoft is the best online to download reply.


It appears that you are using ad block: It expects a level of precision from the RSP that currently no interpreter, let alone Recompiler can handle reply. Oh well we all have our methods, I don’t say it’s anything wrong with unzipping it just that it’s unnecessary. Emmasaurus Hey, just wanted to say thanks mate. I respect your wishes as the original author. Fatboyblue 6 Ooooooo great Mr. Now, Goldeneye runs at 60fps at all times and I’ve finally got the pluugin

I assume that it has, but I don’t know if there is anything obvious to look for that will indicate this.

Other buttons The remaining 6 controls correspond the remaining 6 buttons on the N64 controller all are digital controls: You didn’t buy an adaptoid. No adware or anything.