Ask a question Reset. It only seems to list my iPhone and even that backup actually was from my iPhone 4S I just replaced with the iPhone 5S which I used to have a lot more recent backups in this same folder when I used it to start my iPhone 5S Restore the backup and sync with iTunes. As it turns out, after running a problem detector on my laptop, it said two device drivers are missing for the “Apple Mobile Device Restore Mode ” and it tried fix the problem by updating or reinstalling the drivers but in the end it gave me an “error code 28”. Is there some consequence I’m missing? Unable to update or restore http: I don’t know which thing to choose.

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Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: The PC recognizes the device and iTunes begins syncing automatically. My HP computer running the wicked Windows 8. I think this spot is your settings where you set up your password ahead of time so when you click on the icon to Facebook it automatically signs you in?

Reboot the computer to complete the uninstall process. Facebook works on the iPad independently of itself, but the settings thing is still messed up, which leads me to believe reovery must be a corrupt file.


How to Use the Apple Recovery iBoot USB Driver

It’s called recovery mode restoring. You’ve been a tremendous help!!! How to Install and Use iTunes. Your operating system will be detected and the correct version of iTunes will download to your computer.

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Except for the Facebook App. This is exactly how appld looked yesterday when I was trying to figure out what was going on. What should I do with my iPhone 5?

What happens when you delete the app and start over again? Sent the pc to repair man and he think is the “Hard-Disk” problem.


By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. My iPad is in what seems like permanent restore mode after iOS 7. I presume when I get home I just need to sync? Terry Parker is a writer based in Texas. So my iPhone 5s is working splendidly in spite of the iOS 7.

I think you might be right about the corrupt Facebook file on the iPad. That symbol means your device is in recovery mode.

Both devices show usual behaviour when connected to the usb during startup. Or is just the time suck factor? Oh but first, when I plugged the iPhone 5 in yesterday to back it up in iTunes, iTunes didn’t bioot it automatically. This describes recovery mode and it can take a number of attempts before it will work. I don’t know which thing to choose.


Recovering Apple driver (iBoot) USB – Microsoft Community

I am on the road for a few more days and appl really swing by an Apple store. I already know what will happen if I say set up as new iPad in terms of bringing it back to factor settings After a reboot of my laptop, my phone connects fine.

IF you see another very recent backup that you want to restore from – do this. I am suggesting this because it seems like there ibooy something corrupt in your settings that isn’t allowing you to sign in again.

Uninstalling iTunes won’t delete your iTunes app and media library or existing iPhone backups – so go ahead.

nissing Is it my iPad? The PC recognizes the device and iTunes begins syncing automatically. I can’t give you any advice for the windows computer I didn’t think iTunes and windows played well together meaning they weren’t compatible.