Buy the Ping G20!! Matte black just looks tough. The stock TFC is a great shaft, it is very tight, has a solid mid launch and feels very smooth. This, along with the price, put it in my bag. Kim 3 years ago. I’m getting at least 20 more yards and more accuracy.

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PING G20 Driver – REVIEW

I like Ping, I like the G20 except the sound but anyone considering it should demo it beside a Rapture V2. Dec 13, 44 Comments.

Ping G20 Shaft Options. In my opinion the i20 might still be the best sounding and feeling driver any company has made, but the G25 is very close, just slightly hollower. Paul 7 years ago.

Last weekend I dented the second one. Jack 7 years ago.

I suspect this new driver has the hype that the others do. Hopefully the tour shaft will lower the flight of the ball. As a matter of fact, I have one on the way to me as I write this. Couple that with the elongated clubface, and you couldn’t have a more confidence-inspiring look at address. Sorry I got here 5 years too late, but I am a firm believer that the Besh is in the top 5 of all cc drivers ever designed and made.


Ping G20 Driver Review – Golfalot

All times are GMT My brother said I better never get rid of this driver and if I do it better be to him. Without questionPING is considered a pioneering force in golf-equipment design. A fitting is objective results. However, with the right shaft, we suspect the G20 fairway wood will perform exceptionally from both the fairway and off the tee. I game a K15 which is an absolute monster.

The Tisi is longest by 10 yards btw. Just tell me how different is the Ping5 from the Ping10? The G25 offers both.

Thats not the say that were bias to PING, which were not, but it is a great brand, just as good if not better than brands such as Callaway, Titliest or even Taylormade.

Looking for some deciding factors. BTW I have been playing for many years and still manage a low cap.

Tough to convert golfers to think with their head and not the marketing that goes along with most of the clubs in the market. Well v20 won the masters and guest what like magic ping all of a sutton they were making pink drivers avail.


What did they fit you for exactly? I ordered one as soon as I stepped off the course.

Ping TFC 169 Shafts

Please keep them coming. I am now back to the RBZ and more content with my driving. When a driver is capable of lowering your handicap, you know you have something special. Bought this driver Everything else is a pipedream. If you can get past those variables, you’ll make a very smart buying decision. PING never has and probably never will be known for producing flashy clubs.

Though not a single tester commented directly on the feel or sound for that matterthe majority ranked it on the lower end of average.