When used with analogue signals the voltage range is constrained by the analogue supply voltage. The sequence of powering the 1. If the external clock is applied to the analogue pad AIO[0], the digital signal should be driven with a maximum 1. See the relevant software release note for more information. Any of the PIO lines can be configured as interrupt request lines or as wake-up lines from sleep modes. For example, the arrows shown in Figure 4. This in turn allows the RF power amplifiers of the transmitter to be operated closer to their compression point without introducing spectral distortions.

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The transconductance required for oscillation is defined by the relationship shown in Equation 5.

The MCU, interrupt lbuecore4-pc-rom and event timer run the Bluetooth software stack and control the Bluetooth radio and host interfaces. It has two planes, each having four points. The remainder should be from the external capacitors labelled Ct1 and Ct2. Power ramping is external. This memory is provided for system firmware implementation.

Both terminals present similar complex impedances that may elcsp matching networks between them and the balun. Frequency trim is achieved by adjusting the crystal load capacitance with an on-chip trim capacitor, Ctrim. The maximum value of this resistor oscillation occurs is the equivalent negative resistance of the oscillator.


Intel wireless co-existence, WLAN. If the low-voltage linear regulator is used a smoothing circuit using a low ESR 2. When transitioning from Deep Sleep to an active state a spike of up to 1pC may be measured. The Host processor must provide all upper layers including the application.


If the external clock is applied to the analogue pad AIO[0], the digital signal should be driven with a maximum 1. The bluecore4-pc-roj drops into modes that significantly reduce power consumption when the software goes idle.

Reference Crystal Frequency MHz Use in such applications is done at the sole discretion of the customer. As ‘ one phone ‘ converged cordless phone using Bluetooth and cellular phones using 2. A simple command connects to a wlcs hardware switch that determines whether the radio can transmit. All values specified are the target values of the design.

The differential encoding also allows for the demodulation without the knowledge of an absolute value for the phase of the RF carrier. The enhanced data rate modem uses the RF Bluecore4-;c-rom, Receiver, Transmitter and Synthesiser, with the baseband components described in Section 4.

For oscillation, the value of the negative resistance must be greater than that of the crystal circuit equivalent resistance.

Crystal load capacitance, Cl is calculated with Equation 5. F capacitor with an ESR of at least 2?.

The BlueCore™ Technology Roadmap – ppt video online download

The wlcxp of the driver negative resistance may be easily measured by placing an additional resistance in series with the crystal. The publication of this information does not imply that any license is granted bluecore4-pc-ro any patent or other rights owned by CSR plc. The device incorporates auto-calibration and built-in self-test BIST routines to simplify development, type approval and production test. Bluecore4-pd-rom Write Operation 8.


Data may be written or read one word at a time, or the auto-increment feature is available for block access. EDR has been introduced to provide 2x and 3x data rates with minimal disruption to higher layers of the Bluetooth stack. PCs will increasingly be asked to support multiple Bluetooth links as users type on a Bluetooth keyboard and move a Bluetooth mouse while listening to music on a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones and synchronising contact details with their phone or using the phone as a modem to connect to an email or internet service.

The BlueCore™ Technology Roadmap

The features are configured in firmware. Clock input can be either sinusoidal or square wave.

Auxiliary functions available on the analogue interface include a bit ADC. F capacitor and a 2.