Carsonite products maintain a standard of quality that exceed customer specifications. The composite panel construction provides optimum strength and durability while offering a lightweight alternative to metal or wood. For clear identification of pipeline routes in flat or open terrain, rural and agricultural areas, the Carsonite High Visibility Panel Marker is the ideal choice. The marker also aids in locating pedestals in areas of deep snow or overgrown vegetation. This means that customers can be assured that whenever they purchase Carsonite marking products, they will receive the finest marking products available anywhere! Ideal for marking underground utilities and right of ways. The simple design of Carsonite’s Flat Top LineMarker provides dramatic cost savings by reducing manufacturing expenses.

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Carsonite | Precision Pipeline Equipment, Inc.

In addition, the Utility Marker will survive multiple gunshots without significant loss of legibility or damage to the post. This all purpose, low cost marker will help reduce maintenance and replacement costs associated with pedestals and enclosures.

The Utility Marker is installed easily in less than 60 seconds and is lightweight to allow for ease of transportation in the field. The company in known worldwide for its fiber-reinforced composites and development of cost-effective marking products for highway, utility and recreation industries.

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Perfect for dual-sided identification of direct buried utility services, the Dual-Sided Utility Marker carsknite a cross sectional profile with a flat central web to which a recessed warning message may be applied. The VaporGuard is light weight, durable and easy to install. The sign and post are pre-drilled at the factory for easy assembly and installation. Vandal resistant hardware is included with the system.


The Carsonite Utility I. Ideal for marking underground utilities and right of ways. In extremely loose or sandy soil conditions, an optional plastic thru-pipe anchor is available.

Learn Why Carsonite Products Are Increasingly in Demand

Carsonite products have a long-standing reputation for quality, and Carsonite’s trademarked shape profiles enjoy worldwide product recognition. Carsonite’s VaporGuard protects pipelines from the hazardous effect of moisture and gas build up and fits both the Flat Top and LineMarker.

Markre with Carsonite Contact info Order literature Call now. As a member of safety service organizations, like the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program, Carsonite submits its products for independent testing against rigorous standards. The Panel Marker is reinforced with a 1″ angled aluminum frame for added integrity.

This non-flexible marker can also serve as a mounting post for Aerial Markers or Composite Signs. The composite panel construction provides optimum strength and durability while offering a lightweight alternative to metal or wood.

Carsonite Marker Installation Tools

Alternating color schemes and an elevated position ensure carsohite visibility. Updates at Farwest Corrosion Farwest will be closed Decemberas well as December 31, and January 1, for the Holidays. After printing, decals are laminated with a UV Shield for even greater protection.

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The Visi-Post is supplied with a factory applied metal anchor barb to prevent rotation and marker removal, thus reducing maintenance costs and vandalism. Rubber grommets help absorb shock and provide a secure fastening system. A special Utility I.


Utility Marking Products

Noise reduction, optional security features, wide variety of RAL colors available, spans up to 18 feet, Graffiti resistant, Low maintenance, will not rust, rot or corrode, carsoniite and easily installed with minimal equipment and crew.

Our most flexible marker available, the Carsonite Curv-Flex is the ideal choice for utility marking when impacts from vehicles and equipment are likely. The standard design of the 3. The Curv-Flex has been widely used for marking culverts, utility lines, fire hydrants, and electrical station outlets.

Carsonite offers a growing line of rugged safety products for parks and recreation areas.

The composite construction is resistant to vandalism, impact, ultraviolet light, and extreme temperature changes. Their bright color, along with reflective sheeting or decals, provides even higher visibility for crews and equipment or in low light situations.

By utilizing Carsonite flexible signs, both the post and sign will return to the original upright position with minimal damage after impact. The Perma-Post is a highly visible 4-sided composite marker that can be used to identify fiber optic lines, high priority pipelines, and other underground facilities. Carsonite Pedestal Markers are flexible and durable in harsh weather conditions.