Can I have more than one version of VRS installed a single workstation at a time? The Spectrum XF will not work with any previous versions of the i.. Windows may not allow some of the listed files that are in use, to be deleted. Daily Scanning Volume For this example: Spectrum’s new Auto Color Detect ACD feature does exactly as its name suggests-it correctly identifies color documents from bitonal documents automatically, without slowing down or stopping, while scanning is in process. Listed below are the electrical specifications for the Spectrum Series scanners.

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Copiscan 8000 Spectrum

And if the scanner operator is able to reduce the batch switching time to 15 seconds from 30 seconds, the scanner can process 45, pages in a shift with page batches. Rate For this example: This application limitation only exists with the Auto Color Detect feature. Alternatively, users may set their infrared thickness setting lower, which could then trigger false multifeeds when individual sheets of thicker paper feed through.

Right click the VRS icon and use the “Admin” option to make any changes or view the options.

Copiscan 8000 Plus

Color Follow the same procedure outlined above for bitonal and grayscale scanning. For more information, please reference the Pixel FAQ or contact Pixel Translations for detailed recommendations on how to modify the application to support Auto Color Detect. To get saturated white, all you need to do is the following: In D models, you can 80000 the level of scanner sensitivity based on the degree of document preparation.

To maximize a scanner’s productivity, one must take into consideration batch size and the average time the scanner operator spends twakn batches. Re-install the software, then install the card. The risk of this procedure is that it is possible to overcrop the original document’s borders by a few pixels, which will not be desirable if you scan documents that contain handwriting often in patient records or other important information located all the way to the edge of any of your documents.


When the ultrasonic wave hits the combination of the air gap and additional paper, the signal falls below a certain threshold and the receiver interprets this as a multifeed. These hardware ID values will be used for the new registry key later in this procedure.

Not only will this image be easier to read, but file sizes will also be reduced. They should be twakn every so often so that they wear evenly. How can we claim this when some other scanners cost less? Normally, only one document is being fed through at a time, causing this wave to pass through the paper and directly into the bottom sensor.

TWAIN driver for the Kodak Copiscan Plus ยป KODAK Drivers & Downloads

The cleaning reminder is displayed but the scanner is still clean. No, the cleaning reminder will not stop the scanner from operating. I put paper in the feed table but the table will not lift. N ot only is Spectrum faster, more rugged for example, it has a 60, document per day duty cycleand less costly to own and operate than machines made by competitors, surprisingly enough it’s much smaller.

To select doc prep, follow the directions below: Other multifeed detect technologies exist but can easily be fooled.


Copiscanning Plus – Support – Drivers & Downloads : Kodak Alaris : Information Management

All you need to do is place the documents back into the feeder so that they don’t multifeed again and then press the CLEAR button on the scanner. VirtualReScan VRS technology which, with its automatic cropping and deskew features, helps maximize batch size by allowing the operator to scan mixed documents of varying sizes rather than manually copiscab them.

If you do not want to detect small color objects, this feature can easily be disabled. When using a Rubber Cleaner or Rejuvenator for cleaning scanner rollers, it is recommended to wipe the roller and surrounding area where the cleaner was applied. Ongoing Scanner Costs All production quality scanners come with some form of warranty coverage lasting between 90 days and one year of onsite service.

The scanner is sold in two basic models: Most good quality scanners or better will last three to five years.

Yes, all Spectrum scanners are color upgradeable. Auto Color Detect has limited compatibility with ISIS-based applications due to the way each application handles bitonal images when scanning in color mode.

Match up this model number with the twaun listed in the first column in the table below. Next, start Registry Editor.

This will slow down the scanner’s throughput by more than half.