Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, The Cowon iAUDIO G3 music player is designed to organize as many as tracks, allowing you to transfer a large amount of music onto it. About this product Product Information Lightweight and useful, this Cowon MP4 is ideal for taking tunes along with you while studying or recreating. The Good Extraordinarily lightweight; line-in and voice recording; FM radio; decent accessories bundle; compatible with protected WMA files; solid controls and interface; excellent battery life. You get fewer megabytes per dollar than you do with a larger player, and these models have many of the same disadvantages of larger hard-drive-based units, including the moving parts that limit physical activity and nonremovable batteries that eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Video battery life is unspecified. Battery life, at

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What’s more, you can enjoy bright and clear graphics, visual details, and menus with comfort and clarity because this Cowon MP4 features a 1.

Cowon iAUDIO G3 White ( 512 MB ) Digital Media Player

This issue was rectified by the rapid recall of all faulty remotes and free replacements. Hard drives run from 20GB on up, and large players such as the 80GB Apple iPod can hold around 23, songs, assuming an average file size of 3.

They’re smaller and lighter than high-capacity players but still hold more tunes than flash-based models with the same price.


A bit larger than a Zippo lighter at 2. What set it apart from other players was the fact that it had different backlight colour combinations. The device used a swing-control.

Bandersnatch is here to cowoj a twisted There was a widespread “fading” issue, in which the text of the remote slowly disappeared. Skip to main content. It was powered by an AAA battery which allowed for a maximum playback time of up to 20 hours.

The downside to the pocket-friendly design is the G3’s durability. A player can have every feature in the world, but if the design doesn’t match your lifestyle or if the interface is impenetrable, you still won’t enjoy it.

Apple’s recently announced iPod Shuffle is sure to light a fire in the world of high-capacity flash-based players, but the competition is already well underway. Battery life, at This Cowon MP4 is nimble and ultra-light, at 1. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Like the U2 the U3 had a built-in iudio polymer cell for a playback time of up to 20 hours. Retrieved from ” https: Navigating your music directory and switching between playback, recording, and FM radio modes is also not a huge chore, thanks to the aforementioned user-friendly joystick. It was the first digital audio player to feature a 0. Cowon iAudio G3 review: But after a few minutes of study, our trepidation vanished as the program makes it easy to drag and drop individual files or entire folders onto the player, which appears as a drive in Windows Explorer.


June Learn how and when to remove this template message. There’s also an “L” version available, which features enhanced battery life.

Its successor, the X7 series, was slated to be released at some point in the summer iaydio[1] but was delayed until October Cowon announced in May that the X5 series had been discontinued. Video battery life is unspecified. Though we didn’t manage to destroy it during our testing period, we have concerns about its plastic construction, which feels somewhat chintzy. Still, active music lovers who don’t tend to cowonn their devices may find that this player’s diminutive form factor, painless operation, and strong feature set make forking out the dough worthwhile.

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The mobile world might finally get exciting again in The X5 uses much of the same hardware as the M3, and as such has much of the same features and capabilities. Luckily, many new micro drive-based players such as the Creative Zen Micro feature a user-replaceable battery.

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