M is switched on: Video Playback Features Video playback support. M uses mechanical buttons and a central thumb pad to navigate tracks. The difficulty iPod users face in transferring full-length video, and the limited video-playback battery life of the iPod, make the Zen Vision: Creative Media Explorer 6.

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ZEN Vision:M

To install this firmware Download the file into your local hard disk. This software pack includes the following: I eventually found replacement batteries on eBay and the Web for this specific unit, but they are very obscure and expensive.

Equalizer Factory Preset Qty. If your current firmware version is 1.

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Creative Zen Vision:M (30GB) review: Creative Zen Vision:M (30GB) – CNET

Creative Media 30b version 6. Connect your player to your computer. M’s thumbwheel is initially frustrating to use, and later just irritating on occasion. This is the first clue about the Zen Vision: Creative doesn’t include an AC charger in its product package. To install this update Download the file into your local hard disk. I bought the player 4 weeks ago for a friend of mine and as time passes we just keep on finding more flaws in this product comparing other players such as the cowon A2 for example.


It also seems to recharge fairly quick. A dialog box displaying the version number appears.

Currently, the BBC’s interactive media player is still on trial, but will launch properly this year, providing a wealth of new material for all those happy new Zen Vision: Synching albums into the unit from the MS Windows library is quick and easy to update. Although neither player is as volatile as the notorious iPod nanoyou’d be advised to carry it in a pouch.

Double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen. End of Service Life. System Requirements Details Operating System. Creative’s thumb-pad is good, but not perfect — more on that later.

Features The menus on the Zen Vision: Screen detail and colors are very good. I have also added a screen Protector and if requested to open box for battery i will apply on player.

Creative ZEN Vision:M Black ( 30 GB ) Digital Media Player

There is no Creative Zen Vision M adapter for an ipod dock that does video and audio. You must already have one of the following applications listed in Requirements below on your computer to perform thi The iPod can scrape 2. M offers several advantages over the photographic capabilities of the iPod, including support for 8-megapixel images and a zoom function.


Drag the scrolling area to see the crfative number. You are forced to learn a lot about using the unit on your own by trial and error. If you’re not committed to video, and love MP3s, we would recommend that you test drive the interface on both the Zen Vision: With a revision of the navigation system Creative will have a killer on its hands Visit manufacturer site for details.

Upgrading the headphones on the Zen Vision: