I can also do some light photo editing in front of the TV. Dell Inspiron m view larger image Before buying, I did a lot of research, particularly on the NotebookReview. It was annoying, but after I changed from the Sigmatel audio drivers to the Intel ones, it was gone! A big plus is the Secure Digital slot. The system seems to have recovered fine, though, after chasing down most of the remaining registry entries, etc. Dell Inspiron m Left side view larger image.

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The only thing you really have to know is that a Pentium M is much more powerful than a similarly clocked Pentium delk. This machine, like all Dell machines, comes loaded with useless junk. I never even have to use the arrow, either, because with the touchpad, I can effortlessly whiz through long documents.

Only once did they send a technician over to replace a hard drive in an old machine, so that was nice Usually, their phone support people are pretty clueless.

The Dell Inspiron m has been on the market since Octoberbut, like the Inspiron m, it has managed to maintain its popularity. For those reasons, I would highly recommend this machine. Dell Inspiron m view larger image.

The Gateway my wife got, for example, has some nice bright, blue indicator lights. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I was a little worried that the machine ss be too thick to my liking, but when I first took it out of the package, I was relieved. As I said dwll, some of the essential keys are shrunk, and if you have larger hands like I do but no experience using smaller keyboardsyou will definitely have problems with it and some adjusting time maybe weeks!


Overall, the keyboard is usable. However, they deell the optical drive, and I needed one of those. A quick note on CD burning: Some people have mentioned that the touchpad click buttons seem sort of cheap, which may be true. Why does it take so long to box the materials? In the States, this laptop is considered a budget computer while in Canada, it is literally the most expensive one.

Interesting, but not a huge difference. I am trying to make this review as objective as possible, sf honestly, I have seen a lot of displays in my lifetime, and the m bests every single one of them. Unlike many other ultraportables, the Inspiron m includes a built-in optical drive.

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Right when I powered on the m, I was a pro, and my typing speed only falls from about wpm to It loads up all of the applications quicker than my 3.


As I mentioned before, I bought this laptop to do most of my basic computing tasks. Sorry this didn’t help. Another quick note on battery life: Weak battery — The standard battery is very, very weak.

Dell Inspiron m Review (pics, specs)

Intel Pentium M processor 1. AOL, jukebox, ultra-media-centric-super-dooper-garbage-photo viewer are just some of the titles available for you. Gateway mx Intel Pentium M eell.

I feel that Dell has skimped a little on the overall build quality. On another note, the BIOS splash screen is particularly ugly.

Dell Inspiron m left side view view larger image. The paper of the manual, however, feels thin and cheap and the manual is printed in black and white.

Dell Inspiron 700m Review (pics, specs)

The machine is all silver except for its white trimmings that add a touch of class. Dell m next to an iPod dfll size comparison view larger image. The m looks just like a shrunken