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How do I put my iPhone 3G / original iPhone (2G) into DFU / recovery mode?

Did you ever find a way to fix it? This worked great for my 3G, thanks.

I’m pretty sure iphpne hots file on your system is in C: I will also try everything from another pc, just in case Watch The video and that helped get through this, BTW. If you don’t care about GPS, you should be able to use the device just fine. I 3gg to find a solution too, so people who get this sort of issue can fix it down the road! Hold Home Keep holding Home, press power to start the device sec is enough Release power, keep holding Home until you get to the iTunes cable screen.


iPhone 3G Another – issue – can’t enter PWNED DFU mode

Well, i do use the device now but the gps is one of the main reasons i got it after all. May 19, at December 14, at 2: August 16, at 1: It did however say that; 1st gen device on DFU mode. You should have added this as a comment on the answer. Try what I said above.

I am on iPhone 4S, non-jail broken thru Sprint. I think i also got an error 2 when trying to install the official one but can’t remember use iReb through sn0wbreeze to enter pwned DFU and then use the custom ios created by sn0wbreeze based 3gg an official 4.

Unfortunately i don’t have enough time to run a few more tests now. Ask a question Reset. If itunes is running, redsn0w recognizes it as WTF mode. Enter your email address below: November 4, at 7: DFU mode is a state that you can put your iPhone into where it can interface with iTunes, but does not load the iPhone operating system or boot loader this is what really differs DFU mode from the more simple recovery mode.


What is DFU mode, and what’s the difference from recovery mode? What happens when you turn the unit on? To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Argggh Can it be sorted if so what do I do??

iPhone DFU Mode Explained: How to Use & Enter DFU Mode on iPhone

Saying that in case it’s something really stupid that i have missed. December 31, at 2: How can I fix my iPhone alarm? Here’s a video on how to do DFU properly: April 27, at 1: Fix Error from iTunes during iPhone restore says: I entered dfu mode on redsnow but it keeps saying no device recognized and I tried using evasion and when I plug in my iPhone nothing happens.

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