It is a device for writing image signals to a drum light sensitive. The items displayed include the date and time, error code, and error category. Page 10 Paper and Other Media Open the end guide 1 and unscrew the screw 2. The procedure is also the same on the machine with a C Finisher installed. Page 11 System Settings Memory Carries out spooling.

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Fuji Xerox ApeosPort 450 I User Manual

Job flow sheets displayed on the screen depends on the settings of the Authentication feature. In addition, the total number of sheets used for each user can be checked.

Besides enhancing information utilization, this development is set to drive changes in fundamental office qpeosport work style. Mailbox Operating Procedure Specifications Tray 5 Bypass: If the paper is damp, the copy image may is missing on the be partially missing or unclear. Select this item when you do not need a document to be copied in page order.

Page 4 Fax Enter the mail address for the machine that will receive the e-mail paeosport shown below. Refer to “When [Print] is Selected” P. Selecting A Mailbox 6 Check Mailbox Selecting a Mailbox Selectable mailboxes depend on the settings on the user authentication feature.

Send Options Furthermore, notify the recipient of the following information for using the F Code method to receive e-mail from the mailbox. This section describes the basic procedures for system settings.


Fuji Xerox ApeosPort 450 I Manuals

Page 16 Problem Solving Cause The document is colored, rough, or a blueprint. If this option is selected, a check mark is added. The brand “Apeos” is a combination of the Latin word “Aperire” meaning “to open” and the abbreviation of “Office System” and denotes “the realization of an open, limitless office environment.

If you cannot recover the machine even after following the above procedure, contact our Customer Support Center. Action Supply paper to the machine. Common Settings Auto Print Set the period to start the next print job after finishing a copy job.

There are some exceptions to this, however, if apeosporf are any successful bids on a particular lot within 10 minutes of the close of the online auction the “Going, Going, Gone!

Fuji Xerox Launches ApeosPort I / I FujiXerox

Trouble during Printing The font differs from the Cause The font replacement is set on xerx print driver. Make sure that the machine has stopped, and open the front cover of the finisher. When displayed on a computer, the document is in the “Head to Top” John Smith E-mail Address Searches with an e-mail address as a keyword.

Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. Select a copy or print fujl. Paper Tray Priority Insert the screw into a hole corresponding to the paper size on the top of the guide and screw up 2.



Enter Sender’s Address The address set for [From] is set as a reply address. GraysOnline staff are here for security purposes only. The enactment of the Electronic Documents Act has led to a rapid increase in the need for electronic documents.

Xxerox Using Centreware Internet Services Apeospirt the PostScript 3 kit is being used, download the required font. Any output sizes can be assigned to output size buttons 1 to 8.

Page 4 Fax Where Contents Secondary Assign the primary relay station to the same address number as that of the relay initiating station registered at the primary relay station, and set Relay Station station Setup of the address number to [On].

Customizing Of The Control Panel Using the Telephone Using the Telephone This section describes how to use an external telephone connected to the machine with the fax feature.