Operation If electric isolation is required, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. The applianceoutlets may be electrically live, even when the UPS is disconnected from the mains. If the UPS is switched off the output will always be absent for a few seconds to ensure that the connected equipment is able to reboot. As a healthy battery is critical to the performance of the UPS, an automatic quick battery test is performed regularly to ensure failsafe operation see section 3. If a quick batterytest shows that the batteries are close to being worn out, a ‘replace battery’ alarm will begenerated see 3. Have your dealer replace the batteries as soon as possible. For best results, allow the UPS to recharge the batteries during a period of approx.

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Dependent of the charge condition of the new batteries the new runtime calculations may temporarily be unreliable.

Fasten the two screws. We strongly recommend to use only original GE Digital Energy software products in combination with the interface port.

Connect the unit to a wall outlet and recharge the batteries for 24 hours: Store the UPS in a dry location with the batteries in a fully charged state. If only yellow LEDs illuminate the red LED is off during load indication, bypass operation is caused by overtemperature. We strongly recommend to use only original GE Digital Energy software products in combination withthe neetpro port.


GE 600 – 1500 VA User Manual

The UPS contains potentially hazardous voltages. To avoid this, we advise to disable the bypass. Remove the two screws that hold the battery drawer. If you use a distribution box to connect more than one appliance per outlet, please note that the maximum AC-current rating of each appliance outlet is 10A. If bypass operation is inhibited, the unit will switch off and output power 6000 lost.

Don’t have an account? The sum of engeery leakage currents of the UPS and the connected loads should not exceed 3. Start-up, mains not available If the mains input is absent power cord not connected, or mains failure: It is not allowed to connect an external charger to the UPS!

User manual Netpro UPS_百度文库

In thiscase the UPS must be informed about the new total battery capacity to allow a reliable recalculation digitla theavailable runtime please contact your dealer. Don’t show me this message again. Subsequentlycheck the thermal circuit breaker: Page pus gGE Digital Energy3.

External charging or replacement of the batteries will be necessary. When the mains returns the UPS will start up automatically. Open the fuse holder of the battery pack 8, fig. This manual also for: If a power failure occurs during bypass operation, the UPS will switch to battery operation and eventually, when the batteries are depleted, output power is lost. The UPS is intended to be used in normal domestic and office situations.


The isolation transformer allows the output neutral to be connected to – protective earth default setting – the input neutral or be isolated. For more information please refer to the user manual that comes with the interface card.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Be sure that the transport screws A, fig. The equipment connected to the UPS can now be switched on.

The interface port is operative as soon asthe mains power cord is plugged into a live wall outlet, even if the UPS is switched off.

Disconnect the DC connectors.

When the batteries are fully discharged, the UPS is no longer able to power the connected equipment. The UPS must be powered from a single phase grounded wall outlet. Digjtal Operation Normal operation conditions: Minimum start-up AC voltageInput current waveform:: Subsequently check the thermal circuit breaker: