The area of openings in an open parking structure with a fire separation distance of 10 feet or greater shall not be limited. For the requirements for fire walls of buildings with differing heights, see Section Ducts and air transfer openings that penetrate fire partitions shall be protected with listed fire dampers installed in accordance with their listing. Vertical openings shall be permitted where allowed by other sections of this code. The joint shall be located above a ceiling. Each townhouse shall be considered a separate building and shall be separated from adjoining townhouses by a party wall complying with Section

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Members of the primary structural frame other than columns that are required to have protection to achieve a fire-resistance rating and support more than two floors or beneric floor and roof, or support a load-bearing wall or a nonload-bearing wall more than two stories high, shall be provided individual encasement protection by protecting them on all sides for the full length, including connections to other structural members, with materials having the required fire-resistance rating.

Solid plaster partitions or where otherwise determined by fire tests. Draftstopping shall be provided in attics, mansards, overhangs or other concealed roof spaces of Group R-2 buildings with three or more dwelling units and in all Group R-1 buildings.

Where a smoke damper is installed within an air transfer opening in a wall, a spot-type detector listed for releasing service shall be installed 16bw1-/2 5 feet mm 116bw-1/2 of the damper.

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Fireblocking shall be installed at maximum intervals of 20 feet mm in either dimension so that there will be no concealed space exceeding square feet 9. Fire-resistance ratings for the isolation system shall meet the fire-resistance rating required for the columns, walls or other structural elements in which the isolation system is installed in accordance with Table A smoke and draft control door assembly as specified in Section An approved automatic sprinkler system shall be installed in accordance with Section Foundation vents installed in accordance with this code are permitted.


Two-inch 51 mm nominal lumber. Openings in a party wall separating an anchor building and a mall shall be in accordance with Section Fire-resistant joint systems in smoke barriersand joints at the intersection of a horizontal smoke barrier and an exterior curtain wall, shall be tested in accordance with the requirements of UL for air leakage.

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Where combustible members frame into hollow walls or walls of hollow units, hollow spaces shall be solidly filled for the full thickness of the wall and for a distance not less than 4 inches mm above, below and between the structural members, with noncombustible materials approved for fireblocking. The fire barriers or horizontal assemblies, or both, separating fire areas of 16bw-/2 occupancies shall have a fire-resistance rating of not less than the highest value indicated in Table Unconcealed vertical openings totally within an individual residential dwelling unit and genedic four stories or less shall be permitted.

Where exterior walls serve as a part of a required fire-resistance-rated separation, such walls shall comply with the requirements of Section for exterior walls 16bw-1//2, and the fire-resistance-rated separation requirements shall not apply.

A material shall not be classified as a noncombustible building construction material if it is subject to an increase in combustibility or flame spread beyond the limitations herein established through the effects of age, gdneric or other atmospheric conditions.

Opening protectives are not required where the building is equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with Section Fire-protection-rated glazing requiring minute opening protection in accordance with Table Ducts and air transfer openings that penetrate fire partitions shall be protected with listed fire dampers installed in accordance with their listing.

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Glazing in fire window assemblies shall be fire-protection-rated glazing installed in accordance with and complying with the size limitations set forth in NFPA Other than in mechanical smoke control systems, dampers shall be closed upon fan shutdown where local smoke detectors require a minimum velocity to operate. Where wood sleepers are used for laying wood flooring on masonry or concrete fire-resistance-rated floors, the space between the floor slab and the underside of the wood flooring shall be filled with an approved material to resist the free passage of flame and products of combustion or fireblocked in such a manner that there will be no yeneric spaces under the flooring that will exceed square feet 9.


Corner protection is not required on concrete columns in open or enclosed parking garages. For testing requirements, see Section Penetrations of fire-resistance-rated walls by ducts that are not protected with dampers shall comply with Sections Where exterior walls serve as a part of a required fire-resistance-rated separation, such walls shall comply with the requirements of Section for exterior walls, and the fire-resistance-rated genreic requirements shall not apply.

The fire-resistance rating of the fire barrier separating building areas from 16hw-1/2 interior exit stairway or ramp shall comply with Section Restrained construction shall be identified on the construction documents.

Nonsymmetrical wall joint systems shall be tested with both faces exposed to the furnace, and the assigned fire-resistance rating shall be the shortest duration obtained from the two tests. Listed light kits and louvers and their required preparations shall geheric considered as part of the labeled door where such installations are done under the listing program of the third-party agency.

The fire-resistance rating of horizontal assemblies shall comply with Sections Separation walls as required by Section Fire barriers shall be of materials permitted by the building type of construction.

The duct shall not exceed 4-inch mm nominal diameter and the total area of such ducts shall not exceed square inches 0. Tests in accordance with ASTM E or UL have shown that ceiling radiation dampers are not necessary in order to maintain the fire-resistance rating of the assembly. Does not penetrate a horizontal assembly that separates fire areas or smoke barriers that separate smoke compartments.