Tue, 28 Jun The simple way to get around this is that you launch a thread which waits on a semaphore, and have the ISR signal the semaphore. Using approach B seems like the right thing to do from my perspective. On the Verdex side, the robostix. SFU offers programs at the graduate and undergraduate level to approximately 25, students.

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Tue, 28 Jun For example, enter 0: Hence, a scalar value will apply to all channels specified in the PWM output channels field. The connectors use industry-standard 0. The company sells directly to commercial users, designers, robosfix open source enthusiasts gumstis the embedded, wired and wireless devices, and application-server markets.

As you can see, we’re pretty confused about what we should do. Also, it is entirely possible that we have chosen the wrong approach. So what you should do is write a driver, and have the driver present its data through the ‘read’ function.

Gumstix Robostix :: QUARC Data Acquisition Card Support

To gumshix the digital output values when the model is loaded or unloaded, set the Initial digital outputs and Final digital outputs to the desired values respectively. Free forum by Nabble. The features of the Gumstix Robostix are:. Hence, analog input channel numbers range from 0 to 7.

Specify [8, 11, 14] to indicate that channels 8, 11, and 14 are to be configured as digital inputs. Clock 0 corresponds to Robostix Timer 1. Please note that only one Robostix card can be connected to a Verdex board and is supported in the system.


Geppetto Board Builder Design-to-Order

Based near Palo Alto, California, gumstix is privately owned and operated. The problem is, we orbostix good enough programmers to figure out how to do the Gumstix side of this. We initially ggumstix away from Approach B, because it requires the user-mode program to just loop continuously waiting for an interrupt, chewing up lots of processing time. Also, because it is not in the ISR, it could gumsix lagged or interrupted by some other event, or if the Linux OS chooses to do something else.

You’d then write a user-mode app which gumetix the drivers, reads data from it, and writes the data to the SD card. For more information, visit http: Supported with no communication to the hardware. We want to use the Gumstix verdex XM4BT to log data and do some other control procedures in a combination that uses the Robostix as a low-level controller. Search everywhere only in this topic. It will be blocked on the read command until an event shows up.

You can also use real-time priorities even on user-mode threads to increase their priority and make them run quickly. Once this is done, the i2c-load program, as described on the Gumstix’s wiki website should then be used to install the open-source i2c-io.


We also haven’t figured out gumstic gpio-event is a true ISR or if it is a monitoring loop instead. The form factor robosyix robostix is roughly the same as the waysmall expansion board: For projects seeking higher speed wireless connectivity, robostix and the gumstix connex platform may be connected to the cfstix expansion board, which offers a compact flash adapter that may be driven by a wide range of WiFi compact flash cards.

Specify [8, 11, 14] to indicate that channels 8, 11, and 14 are to be configured as digital outputs. The production robostix board was finalized after many design iterations, each of which caused much debate and comparisons of practical needs between customers, educators and the gumstix design team.

Gumstix announces Robostix robotics board

The Robostix driver supports six 6 PWM output channels, using two of the Robostix hardware clocks, i. The strategy we think we want to follow is: For that, here is proposed Approach B: Link to this page. The Robostix driver supports duty cycles ranging from 2.