Add values to turn on multiple debugging categories. This works in some application but not others e. So each 2nd keypress will be suppressed. This page has been accessed , times. Users may wish to continue to use 1. However, many of the keys on your remote may generate keycodes which are not mapped to anything, by default.

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Changes were made to the remote control drivers on November 16, to correct the repeat key problem. Alternatively there is a patch for the kernel driver that solves it, it can be found here.

Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick – LinuxTVWiki

Some viewers will need to replace their aerials to receive digital transmissions if the installation is old or in poor condition. And wnidows included 7 day Electronic Programme Guide makes recording TV even easier, with a single click of your mouse.

So each 2nd keypress will be suppressed. But there is still the problem of the key repeats for it, so that each keypress will be repeated twice. For Digital Terrestrial reception, a high gain aerial is recommended. Updating to current Hg drivers and using new firmware should cure this.

In addition, the latest software allows the ergonomic remote control to function as a full Windows Vista Media Center remote control, including the “Green Button” and winrows access to Guide, Music, Video and Pictures. The patches, as mentioned above, may not work, but a workaround is possilbe.


November 10, – mt I2C write failed. Views Read View source View history. It provides sharper TV pictures and near CD quality audio. You will need the dvb-usb-dib In X you can use xev to find the keycodes and xmodmap to map them to useful symbols. Digital Terrestrial coverage is improving all the time as digital terrestrial television transmitters are continuously being updated.

WinTV-NOVA-T Stick

Pause digital TV with instant replay. But Linux systems running recent udev will automatically create non-varying names, a nicer and automatic way of providing a stable input event name:. To check if you receive a digital transmission in your area, input your Post Code at: The debug values are bit fields, with each bit representing a different category.

This has the side-effect of disabling key repeats for the remote entirely.

Hauppauge UK | WinTV-NOVA-T USB TV tuner Product Description

Unfortunately, some keys may generate keycodes that X doesn’t recognize at all and the device does not support keymaps, or this would be easy to fix. The card is generally stable for dual tuner reception and remote control function with Firmware 1. LIRC will use it without needing a special kernel nova-f.


The version has wnidows IR sensor, and the version is listed by Wikipedia as having one. Possible regression of a driver bug raised against Ubuntu running 2. This page was last modified on 24 Mayat This is for the model G, using the driver in Linux 2.

MEDIA – Hauppauge – Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick DVB-T Tuner Device Computer Driver Updates

You may want to disable the remote control sensor if windoww are using another one and want to avoid error messages in the logs:.

August 21, – New firmware file fixing the last cause for i2c errors and disconnects and providing a new, more modular i2c request formatting.

Add values to turn on multiple debugging categories.

Retrieved from ” https: However it may take some time for coverage to reach particular areas of the country. This works in some application but not others e.

Users may wish to continue to use 1.

See a guide of upcoming digital TV programmes.