It doesn’t happen often when a video card comes with a fresh and popular game which uses modern capabilities of new cards, although with just DirectX 8. You can run multiple outputs by using the available backplane connectors, but I was a little disappointed that you can’t throw a DVI-to-VGA adapter on the DVI output and run two analog monitors. Well, let it be winter, I just wish games kept pace with innovations in 3D accelerators. Note that this parameter can depend on a monitor. VSync was off, S3TC was off. Next up is Unreal Tournament. Traditional colors, as well as the design.

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For our last test, I ran the game through good old Quake 3 timedemo. First of all, the Joytech’s design allows using cheap SGRAM memory in the old package that is why such card costs less than the reference one.

Hynix 4ns memory chips. By this driver build, the issues have been resolved, and image quality is comparable to the GeForce 3.

It can boast of an elegant design with an original cooler, a wonderful build quality and a weighty accessory pack. If Hercules had drivers based on the current 7.

Hercules’ 3D Prophet FDX 8500LE graphics card

Well, the box is big enough and can house almost two mainboards: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Checkpoint, High Quality Modes The tests were carried out in bit color mode at the highest detailing and quality level of textures.


Note that this test was carried out for two reviews, and here we used also the most powerful GeForce4 Ti accelerators. Since this isn’t an official ATi card, it doesn’t include ATi’s multimedia center software.

Maybe, the controller has some bugs. Small heatsinks are installed on the memory chips on the back, and one big hercuels with a fan seats on the front side. Or a new revision of the chip of the Joytech card? The situation with the drivers will be clarified later. Morrowind on two CDs! This is significantly higher speed than the All-In-Wonder card, so it’s safe to expect higher performance.

Besides, it wallops the more expensive GeForce3 Ti card. We haven’t examined operation of such cards in the DirectX 9.

Hercules’ 3D Prophet FDX LE graphics card – The Tech Report – Page 1

VSync was off, S3TC was off. Half the RAM goes on the back of the card. On one hand, the current drivers available from Hercules aren’t the greatest, but on the other hand, with newer driver releases I feel confident in saying gaming performance will definitely improve.

VSync was off, texture compression was off in games, not in driver settingsall texture detail settings were set to maximum High Quality both in Direct3D and in OpenGL. The lack of memory chip cooling may limit your overclocking, but you’ll be more constrained by the card manufacturer’s memory chip choice than anything else.

The card has caught up with the GeForce2 Ti For one, we’re just starting to see more frequent official and “unsupported” driver releases. Maybe, they made tricky drivers? This product uses DirectX that is why it can work on all DirectX 8. The cooler is huge and consists of several parts. Blue has been Hercules’ color for a while now, but in this case, the patriot in me wishes they had a red and white version.


Fortunately, if you don’t want to wait and don’t mind a little bit of tinkering, finding unofficial beta drivers isn’t very hard at all. The photo shows how much it is larger than the video card.

In the tests we used ATI’s drivers of v6. Everyone seems to be mad about Evil, Devil, Monster and so on and so forth. Unlike the previous LE cards, however, which were different from the herculess Radeons in both clock speeds and features no Hyper-Z capabilitiesthe LE is simply a lower-clocked part, with all features enabled. I’ve got an actual ATi Radeon sitting here that’s up for review next, I’ll test that with the latest officially available ATi drivers, currently version 7.