Applying Power Two switches control the machines power. This is useful if you make many copies where you have to change the settings for each copy. Enter the number of copy sets. Key Operator Tools 1 of 2 User Code By registering user codes you can control which users can use which functions, and check their use of a function. Edit 1 of 2 Edit 1 of 2 Front Margin: Making Copies Chapter 1 Making Copies Selecting Original Orientation Original orientation can be set in two ways:

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Touch the Custom Size Origi.

Lanier 5635, 5635P, 5645, 5645P Black Toner Cartridge

See all the Frequently Asked Questions. Shuffle the paper before setting it in the tray. Press the [System Settings] key. Start Key This Key is used to start the copying process once all selections have been made.

Staples on the upper left corner, left margin. Scanning Originals Scanning Originals Scanning Originals You can scan the originals you want to save in the Document Server using the control panel of the machine.

Authentic Lanier Toner for Use in 5635 5645

There are twelve types of copies that you can make in this mode: Any and all brand name designations or references are made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility. Interrupt Copying Interrupt Copying Interrupt Copying You can interrupt a copy job that is in progress to make a quick copy of another original, without disrupting the original copy job settings or copy count.


If the communication speed is set too fast, data transfers may not flow smoothly. Then, it exits the original onto the Document Tray. To adjust the paper size to one not available with the paper size selector: The Lanier is also compatible with oversized A3 type paper.

Requirements to qualify for certification vary based on the speed of a Copier.

Lanier Toner Cartridges

Oanier you are using a screen reader or other accessibility device to access this website, please call our Customer Service Department at for an accessible alternative to our lanieg.

Touch the First Printing Page key. With very high print and copy speeds, portability, scanning abilities, high copy resolution, multiple trays and paper storage, you can be sure that this petite machine will solve, most, if not all the copy and print needs at small, medium sized and even large companies. Cancelling a Program Press the Program key. Darker Copies This term refers to the amount of toner placed on the copy through the imaging process.

Stamp Position You can set the position at which the stamp is printed.

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Cover and Page Insert Copying Select the paper tray you wish to use for the slip sheets. Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder.


Page Enter the number to start counting from.

Some of the superb features on this machine are optional, thus making you spend above the base price to enjoy them. Align the arrows on the new refill and the cartridge, and then push in the refill until it clicks.

The machine is in Energy Saver mode. Page Remove the empty refill in the direction of the arrow. Combine Copying Combine Copying Combine copy, combines originals into one copy. Lanier Bypass Feed Roller. Select User Code from the left side of display. Press the key to enter the value. Specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice.

Page Reposition the side fences to the paper size you want to use. To switch to the capital letter mode or small letter mode, press the Upper Case or Lower Case key.