Your comparison wuth TV does not work well, yes if you don’t have a HDTV you cable still work, but you can’t watch in HD, so this is the same here, older hardware still work in the paramters OS it was designed for. There are some features that I’m surprised aren’t there, but I’ve learned to live without them. IMO, for what little you guys actually pay for the hardware to cover the cost of software, you should really allow for a cheap upgrade alternative. I can only speak for myself, but what I thought what Jumpin-Jeff was talking about: Digital audio capabilities For more flexible music capabilities, LightJockey interfaces with WinampTM to play a multitude of digital audio files including MP3. After solving a path name problem program files x86 everything works except the hardware drivers because there are none for 64 bit — Kevin. For pricing well as nothing is decided yet, so the price has been fix yet but don’t expect to be as low as you mention, and don’t slam me here I’m just being realistic.

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I am moving to OpenDMX hardware. Yeah, possibly with the lightjocmey setup, but for those of us with the older LJ2 device, it looks like support has been abandonded.

Popular Downloads Ammyy Admin 3. New 64 bit windiws posted. I am trying to run light jockey on windows 7, when I go to hardware set up, the USB DMX controller does not shows, it shows an error message 0x Extremely accurate visually and easy to understand, the simulator allows you to create virtual visualizations offsite.

I realize that most of the cost of “the package” is for the software development.

Martin LightJockey (free) download Windows version

It seems silly that perfectly functioning DMX hardware has to be abandoned because the OP systems have passed them by. The other part is support My best to you all Hans-Henning www. I paid for the upgrade because I could we what they were doing and it had to be done. Well, I run 7 on my work PC, and yes, it runs fine. I could program LJ to run the entire show automatically leaving me to make the sound happen. It makes sense to have your control schemes to be concurrent across several controllers, so I wouldn’t blame you guys.


I went through that myself with the LD calculator, after a few years I got too busy in my real job to keep working on it.

Version no longer compatible with Windows 7 – LightJockey – Obsidian Control Systems

After all, they are getting paid to make sales as well, and with that commission comes responsibility for service and support as well. Yeah, I get what I pay for, but open source is good too.

With my current units I am not able to do fixture firmware updates and I only have 1 Lightiockey universe per box right now.

I will stand up from Martin and say this. My brand new laptop still works on a wireless B and G system, it doesn’t require a wireless N network to operate. As for the argument about the plasma upgrade all you are paying for it the hardware.

Untill a year ago we did use a dongle attached to the parallel printer port. It is of my opinion, that all USB devices should have no legitimate reason to become obsolete until the USB interface itself has been retired. I will download Maxxyz PC and play around with it awhile. Digital audio capabilities For more flexible music capabilities, LightJockey interfaces with WinampTM to play a multitude of digital audio files including MP3. My LJ system was not martln around LJ.

It can be used to handle all current and upcoming Loghtjockey fixtures and fixture updates.


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Still works fine with Windows XP Pro. Had I known it was going to last me just windws becoming a legacy product, with no future support, I would have definately gone with something else, like the product I linked to. All I had to do was right click on the Martin Light Jockey shortcut, navigate to compatibility options, and tell it to run as “Windows XP, Service Pack 3”, accept the settings, and start light jockey. If it runs fine on newer versions, and if Martin supports and helps with this, consider this an extra bonus that you’re not entitled to, but you’re lucky that you’re investment in a product comes from a company that actually does MORE than what you can expect, and, even more important, does a whole lot more than what they are obligated to do.

But that lightjjockey my issue I still paid my update subscription the other day.

I did not give up on the idea. I also see why you are all upset.

You can not please all of the people all of the time but Marin do there best. I know there was the trade in program a few years ago, but what was I supposed to tell my customers; “The harware you bought 3 years ago functions perfectly, but you have to pay for a new one at full cost because the latest and greatest OP system won’t work with it”.

It can be used to handle all current and liyhtjockey Martin fixtures and fixture updates.