Points are accumulated from other users who Praise or Disliked this users’ posts. Unsure of the roads, unable to speak English well and anxious about her own safety. But she did it anyway because with tight finances and two sons to support, she knew she had to make it work. There are probably lady cab drivers in more dire situations than her but just not picked by the news because they don’t look chio. While she got her cab driver’s licence about a year ago, she hesitated as she was worried it may not be safe driving alone as a woman.

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FMrmilktooth and Yewheng praised this. After all, there is a reason why the drivers are often referred to as “taxi uncles”. Forums New posts Search mosf.

She separated from her husband three years ago because he was unfaithful and their divorce was finalised last year. Points are accumulated from other users who Praise or Disliked this users’ posts. Quite a polite and friendly lady, but I felt abit bad when she got out to help me with my luggage. There’s a glorious rainbow that beckons those with a spirit of adventure and there are rich findings at the end of that rainbow.


Meet Ikuta Kana, Japan’s Prettiest Taxi Driver

Started by RadXJul 10 By signing up, you agree to our Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions. Drunk woman attacked taxi driver at SLE, stopped 2 cars.

Fatal Accidents – Driver or Road Problem? She said 25 men have since asked for her phone number. It can also be hard to find a toilet on the road,so she avoids drinking too much water.

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While she has been driving for 20 years, she is only familiar with roads in the west of Singapore. No, I was with a lady friend at the time. Skip to main content. The points of the user determines the rank. Unlike some of our despicable MPs, who are satiated dictionary definition: This is what happens when pap continues its rule. Leave this field blank. She certainly stands out among the largely middle-aged male drivers the profession is associated with.

I had to force myself to memorise words so that I could pass the course. What’s her cab nombor?

Also she wore long sleeves and big sunglasses when she was driving that day. After all, there is a reason why the drivers are often referred to as “taxi uncles”.

She still could not speak a shred of English then and enrolled in a four-month language course which she said she was a struggle.


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Cosmicclaw and 1 Anonymous member praised this. She finally picked up the courage to start driving three months ago and now does hour shifts three days a week. With her youthful looks and long tresses, might she not fare better in a sales job? At moet traffic light, he ran out and tried to board another taxi but the driver refused to take him, so he came back to mine. Who’s our most handsome taxi uncle?

Annie Lim , 41 – Singapore Most Most Beautiful Taxi Driver | Sam’s Alfresco Coffee

At the end of the day, your safety is your top priority. Sat in her cab the other week. Madam Lim, who dropped out after primary school, used to be an odd-job labourer but she said she did not make enough to support her family. Thankfully I did,” she cio.