Then they seem all in agreement to say that KX8 is crap. Rotary controls, thirty-seven different buttons and transport controls allow comprehensive editing of the templates and the included Cubase AI4 software. The KX8 comes with weighted keys. Complete compositions can easily be created with just one finger. There are not many features on this keyboard, it has a nice little built in menu, but aside from adjustments for the ARP function and a selection of 5 velocity curves, there wasnt much else to do in there. One more thing to note about the SLXP is that the buttons are black plastic and they can wiggle around in their holes and lightly tap the sides of the metal case surrounding them.

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In the next days I’ll try the Sudiologic that it seems to have better mechanics. Thank you for the review! For the studio owner, producer or engineer in search of expressive control over their virtual instruments, this is it! It cannot tanspose or make splits.

Yamaha KX series review: yamaha kx25, kx49, kx61 and kx8 review

Someone made a comment about the unit not having a transpose. The jamaha can be powered via the USB bus or using the included power adapter. They come with an impressive software bundle that includes editor software, HALion One, Cubase AI, and thousands of dollars worth of sounds, top-name VST instruments, and rebate coupons and services. Limited-time payment plan offers Weekly deals Exclusive giveaways Exclusive artist interviews Insider info on your favorite gear Send cool stuff to my old-fashioned mailbox.


I felt the keys were a little heavy and they were not graded.

If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at There is almost nothing in there as far as electronics, which is fine with me, less to break. For those we have lost. Includes Cubase AI4 software.

If you’re looking for a complete music production solution, this is it. It would be nice for Studiologic to provide some sort of foam insert that holds the buttons in place so they dont wiggle around, but for the price of this yaamaha, I still cant complain.

What do these keyboards do? Originally Posted by DarkEcho. The KX Series enables easy song creation with its built-in arpeggio function. What this means is that if you decide that you like this MIDI controller, it’s all about deciding what size you really need. I have a yamaha S80, I considered selling it, but it is a very nice players keyboard.

Yamaha KX Series Review

With a range of drum, bass, guitar, keyboard and other musical phrases built in, you can’t go wrong. One complaint I had for the KX8 was that the case looks very sturdy and solid in pictures, but its actually just a basic black plastic cover. Thanks for an ywmaha post. It’s good for keyboardists but crappy for pianist. I just received the KX8 and I love it.


I’m sorry but you are completely wrong. And of sure, I don’t call arrogant who know how I know that I can’t compare a controller to a real piano, but as pianist I can compare a good mechanics with a bad ones Concluding: The only doubt in my mind is keyboard action quality – is the Fatar so much better than the Yamaha?

Native Instruments Maschine Studio.

Your def a classical pianist as your arrogance shines bright. I imagine that if it got really bad, I’d just throw a strip of masking tape over it, because I have yet to touch those buttons anyway. Originally Posted by Daniel Polwarth.

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