Me June 14, at 8: Me December 6, at I hit Start Scan, and it responds ie- the button IS pressed, but then nothing. Hi everybody, I’m still the last “anonymous” Nonasol May 7, at Anonymous August 26, at Hey just writing on the blog like you asked ; Yes this is my first install with KisMac 0.

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You can’t possibly have tried. It always stays at 0, so I can not reinject them to get more unique IV’s.

Mac Tips and “How To” On a Mac: Kismac: The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler

Anonymous September 5, at What is different between 40bit with bit? Hi everybody, I’m still the last “anonymous” Michel November 25, at 9: Sometimes it is difficult to manage airodump-ng output files.

J September 23, at 2: You need to buy an external card that has a chipset that does support packet injection. Channels 12,13,14 are not used in the US.


Cracking WiFis, the Apple way; part 1: external card, backtrack, aircrack-ng, the VM

Monolingual Remove unused languages and free up to 5 Gb of space. Some routers have “protection” and will skip channels if they receive Dehauth frames or injection, and that could be a far fetched kusmac. I can of course just scan longer and wait passively for several hundred thousand Iv’s, but I’m just wondering: If the encryption is and you try to crack it as But thanks for the tip.

Christina March 30, at 1: What of Adapters that function also in the “n” networks? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Me May 14, at Any idea why this is? Try both passive and re-injection and see if you detect a change. Scanning constantly brings up repetitive copies of the same network. Injction for the cheers: Admin July 13, at 1: Only IV’s are needed. Hi there, first of all, great guide! Chipset is the same, spec are the same.


Me August 13, at 9: I would need a copy of that file. Or do I need a card that supports injection? Me May 14, at 5: Thanks for putting together such an awesome collection of information.

Airport extream+kismac+Injection

Working very well as a matter of fact. If you still can’t figure it out, send me the dumpfile, I’ll take a look at it. Me July 13, at 5: Sign up using Facebook.