Given the time it takes to complete one scan, I’m willing to bet I’m overdoing it with my choice of settings. Read what customers and editors think about SilverFast. Rated 1 out of 5 by Anonymous from Shame on Nikon Give it a 1-star rating since there is no zero-star option! Thank you all for the advice! After scanning about a week I realized because it’s so slow and the software keeps crashing, this is going to take a while.

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The autofocus accomplishes a perfect job for accurately mounted slides and smooth film strips. This device is highly capable, and offers many impressive features, but learning how to use them is a virtual mystery. But the NikonScan 4 software, when previewing strips of film, often wrongly reports that there’s no film present.

The silver, of course,is opaque to infrared.

Nikon CoolScan V ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

Many of the old Ektachromes and older 35mm color negatives have badly faded and it’s a “Scan it now or lose it,” kind of situation, I feel. The alternative, which is not practical, is USB.

Enjoy vibrant, faithfully rendered images.

Your name or email address: If you could find an old machine with fast SCSI to run it, the two together would still probably cost less than a Nikon Coolscan which is not without its own interface complexities. I have not heard anyone fault it. Show More Show Less. The Coolscan V ED scans a 35mm image in 38 seconds. Later firewire card had problems and caused my PC to blue screen.


The tools for automatic corrections are working properly and contribute to better imaging results. I had used this scanner previously, and knew that I had to have one, but, this was after Nikon halted production of the Coolscan V ED. I have used Epson Perfection in the past to scan my negatives and slides.

I need to get the PowerMac Quicksilver dual 1ghz moved back in for that. To me, the most compelling reason to get a would be for the fact that it can scan an uncut roll.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Especially with the Nikon scanner, the adjustments that can be made at input, are ideal! Multi-Sampling was replaced by our much more powerful Multi-Exposure.

Maybe not so much with my film cameras!

Nikon Coolscan LS vs | Photography Forums

It can easily be installed on any laptop or desktop PC under any bit or bit edition of Windows including Windows 10, and can be operated with Nikon Scan 4, VueScan, or SilverFast software. I’d say by now, Pro Problems Encountered: The Nikon LS 50ED film scanner is able to feed in small and medium format slides or filmstrips automatically.


Plus, the other Digital ICE functions make for very interesting tweaks in the exposure. I haven’t been able to tear myself away from it since I got it. Slide feeder SF and SF are not supported.

Fujitsu fi Document Scanner If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably spend the majority of your time going back and correcting mistakes from la early scans because nothing was clearly explained. System Requirements SilverFast 8. I trusted the Nikon name and saw the 4. Additionally, Nikon’s Coolscan Scanner features a host of cutting-edge image restoration functions.

This is a nice device.

Nikon LS 50ED / Coolscan V ED – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

So unless the pictures were taken with top of the line Leica cameras with top notch lenses on professional film and professionally processed, the B probably exceeds the negatives. Dynamic range reaches up to try 4.

As far as I can tell, any decent quality scan requires a good amount of time to complete, upwards of 15 minutes for a four shot negative.