A major step toward becoming a leading worldwide provider of secure transaction solutions in the field of healthcare. When the terminal is in this mode, it will save captured data ie: The Frame field separator is disabled by default. In healthcare segments, the firm offers health software applications for e-claims insurance submission. We will communicate our development plan on January 13, after the turnover and the guidance release.

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Gemalto and XIRING complete the acquisition by Gemalto of XIRING’s banking activity

This transaction with Gemalto acknowledges the success of our strategy and our performance. Be aware that there are two 2 ways to upload data stored in batch mode with the Baracoda Desktop Manager: In line with its strategic plan, Gemalto strengthens here its positioning as a global leader in internet banking and access security solutions. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of XringCookie Policyand Privacy Policy.

The terminal will switch xirinv OFF after a period of inactivity. Slide the cover from the bottom up and lock it xirinh place. Manufacturer will, at its option, either repair, replace or refund the purchase price paid by buyer for the defective products. When the terminal is in this mode, it will try to transfer all captured data ie: How to quit a running application To quit a running application, please press both the left and right buttons at the same time.


How to recharge the orKan terminal? The reader then displays an eight digit pass code — valid only for this transaction — to confirm the transaction. Connectivity Solution available for orKan Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Ixring banking overtakes telephone in the UK 05 Jan.

Xiring SA Company Profile | Markets Insider

Moreover, these libraries will deal with all the low-level routines, timeouts, connections and configuration management. Application Reference This data corresponds to the identifier of the currently active application. The left-hand side Siring of the cradle will be switched on if a battery is put in the cradle behind the terminal. Turn off more accessible mode. This massive roll-out with our solution confirms XIRING technology leadership and ability to fulfil a large deployment in a short period.

KBC Bank to issue Digipass card readers.

Our tender offer for XIRING will enable us to step up our presence in solutions for healthcare professionals by leveraging our substantial complementarities. Barclays to xriing out smart card readers to online banking customers.

Ingenico launches a contractual voluntary tender offer for XIRING shares

Real Time mode — with No Data Loss xlring If the No Data Loss option is activated and the orKan terminal is not connected or out of Bluetooth range, the terminal will store all application data results in memory. When the original batteries wear out, please contact your Baracoda reseller for replacements.

It could be a number associated to the quantity of the product; this number could also have another meaning, depending on the final application for example shoes value for a shoe reseller. Suresnes, Xiging 29th These modes can be set through either the Baracoda Desktop Manager software or the Programming Guide.


There is a xirong of explosion if the battery is xiging by an incorrect battery type. Ina number of UK high street banks began mass deployment of security solutions based on the Chip and PIN bank card to secure their online banking operations. Following verification of the PIN, the reader displays a eight digit one-time-password that is valid for a single transaction and is used as the final stage of authentication when accessing accounts via the Internet.

The Xi-Sign has been designed for banks’ high-end customers with a sophisticated look and feel and luxury packaging and sleeve. You are given xiding choice to accept all cookies by clicking the “Accept” button or to set them by clicking on “Set preferences”. Configuring your orKan terminal There are two 2 ways to configure your orKan terminal: Each result is concatenated to the captured data.

To launch the xirlng application, press the middle button trigger b.